Cataract Surgery

Catract is cloundig of the natural lens in the eye which leads to blurring of vision and disturbance in normal day to day activities

Retina Surgery

We are performing all the retinal surgeries for retinal detachment (buckle, vitrectommy witth gas/silicone oil), Sutureless vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy / vitreous haemorrhage, Intravitreal injection for ARMD, Macular hole surgery, complicated retinal detachments.

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is slowly progressive degeneration of the optic nerve due to high intraocular pressure leading to blindness

Cornea Surgery

Cornea is the clear transparent structure present in tne front of the eye. it allows rays of light to pass through it to reach the crystalline lens.

Occuloplasty Surgery

Occuloplasty and aesthetic surgery has advanced at a rapid pace in recent years.

Paediatric Squint Surgery

ACCOMODATIVE ESOTROPIA- usually develops after the age of 6 month. gets corrected completely by glasses. if the glasses are not worn at early stage, surgery will be required for full correction of esotropia.

Dr. Sandip S. Thakar
M.S. Opthalmology

Dr Sandip Thakar estabilished his private practice over 17 years ago. The success of the humble start now blossomed into state of the art multispeciality Priydeep eye hospital the credit lies in the hand work and dedication of Dr Sandip Thakar sir and entire hospital team .

A pioneer in field dr sandip thakar has proven himself on numerous level of professional and personal formats in the field of Anterior segment Ophthalmology he is also a member of ESCRS (Europian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons).

He is also a member in AIOS (All India Ophthalmology Society) He has attended several National and International Seminars, he has also been a guest speaker at various conferences and seminar across the country, always been innovative and brought the latest and best eye treatment from overseas to priydeep eye hospital that estabilished his name and value in the society.

Priydeep Eye Hospital

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